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Selecting a Property Manager - a continuation...

In the previous article Selecting a Property Manager, the focus was based upon making sure your property manager is qualified and legitimate. But, what else?

What is it about you or your property that is different? 

The location and features of your property should be considered. For example, if your property is in Fairport, it will be in a competitive, but yet highly sought-after area. Searching for a Fairport NY rental manager can include questions specific to the area. If the potential manager does not know that the Main Street bridge has been closed for a long time, or that the Fairport Music Festival takes over the Village for a weekend during the summer, perhaps they are not too familiar with Fairport. If you are looking for a Pittsford NY rental property manager, they should be familiar with the draw of the school district, shopping, etc. That can be quite different from searching for a rental manager in Canandaigua NY where there can be huge differences in properties ranging from high-end short-term rentals on Canandaigua Lake, to more remote areas that include acreage and a septic system. If your property manager does not know what a septic system is, don’t expect them to know what to do if it breaks, or how to handle regular maintenance. Short-term rentals are a special animal!  Short-term rentals require the ability to turn properties over quickly. Administratively, there is a lot that goes on with short-term rentals.  If you are looking for a short-term rental manager, there are companies that specialize in it. Do not engage a property manager that is not prepared for it. This is not an area for a property manager to dabble.

How about you? Not all people are compatible. Try to get a feel for if your personality will mesh well with the person or people you are working with. Do you like to be involved at a granular level with details, or do you want to hear from your property manager only rarely? Are you a long-talker, or just business? Be sure to read Google Reviews. Are there any indications of people that are challenging to deal with (i.e., somebody is rude, etc.)? Be sure to remember with any reviews that sometimes a disgruntled tenant may post something vindictive. A bad review may actually be good if the property manager responded and demonstrated that they were fair with the tenant, but working on behalf of the owner. 

Choosing a rental property manager can be like hiring an employee. Qualifications and being a good part of your team is important.

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