Maintenance 101

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Why did power go out

Video showing how to reset your GFCI outlets and circuit breaker

How to plunge a toilet

Video showing how to plunge a toilet

How to Change a Furnace Filter

Video showing how to change a furnace filter

How to reset GFCI outlets video

My plugs in the kitchen are not working, Why?  How to reset and test a GFCI plug.

How to reset both breaker and GFCI outlets video

Skobel Homes shows you how to how to reset your GFCI outlets and circuit breaker if your electrical outlet is not working.

How to reset a breaker

Rachel Hirshorn tells you how to safely reset a tripped circuit breaker

How to un-clog a shower drain

Unclogging a shower drain may require using a hanger or plumber snake if the pipe is clogged with hair. Try using commercial grade chemicals to unplug a shower drain first with tips from a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvement.

How to un-clog a toilet

How to unclog a clogged toilet. Showing the proper use of a plunger and toilet auger on a plugged toilet. Blockages such as toilet paper and waste, toys, toothbrushes, and balls.

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