The Key to Rentals

Find Money!

Find Money!

Check for subscriptions you lost track of:

TV Channels - go into your Amazon or other provider account. Look at memberships and subscriptions to see what you are being billed.  Do you really watch those channels?  Check your credit card too.  Some channels like Netflix or Hulu may bill directly.  Perhaps you can cancel some until your shows have a new season.

Phone and App Subscriptions - Look at your credit/debit card transactions and sort them alphabetically.  Apple, Samsung, or other providers may be billing you for things you never use.  They make it easy to buy things and then bill you monthly.

Software services?  Norton, McCaffee, Dropbox, Shutterfly, etc. may be billing you annually or monthly.  Do you know what you are paying for?  Are subscriptions for a computer that is no longer in use?

Other subscriptions?  Car washes?  Magazines?  Fitness clubs? Food Deliveries? Medicines? Other Services?

Call your credit/debit card customer service number.  They may be able to tell you what purchases are hitting as repeated transactions/subscriptions.

Companies WANT you to subscribe to services.  The unused services may be draining your money.  Figure out who you pay and why.  You can potentially save hundreds of dollars.
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