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Landlord Right to Use Credit Report

The past couple years have been very challenging for landlords.  Landlords are having a difficult time navigating legislative changes in New York State, and many have not been receiving rent for a long time due to the ongoing eviction moratorium.

Another challenge is facing landlords and property managers.  There is currently legislation in consideration that would eliminate a landlord's ability to use a credit report for the purpose of denying an application for tenancy.  

New York State has seen many positive advancements in Fair Housing.  Those changes needed to happen.  Not paying bills is not a protected class though.  Landlord's need to be able to mitigate the risk of not getting paid.  Removing that ability is not "Fair Housing".  

Please review the pending legislation and review for yourself.

This was originally posted at TheKeytoRentals

Use this link to find your New York State Senator:  Reach out to express your opinion about "Senate Bill S5935"

Currently, inventory for rental properties is very low.  The current rental market is in a state of crisis from an eviction moratorium and also legislation that is eliminating the appetite for owning rental property.  Landlord's need to speak up.  Demand to be heard!

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