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Is the Fairport liftbridge EVER going to re-open?

The Village of Fairport NY has a lot to offer, including the canal, shopping, banks, restaurants and bars.  Sometimes we just want to get from one side to the other though.

Anybody that passes through the village regularly knows that getting stopped by a passing train is a dice roll.  We know the Whitney Rd. - Turk Hill Rd. - E. Church Street end-run for those times when we just don't want to get stuck.  

For over a year now, while under re-construction, the village lift bridge has been impassible though.  The end-run has been a necessity.  If you have ever found yourself visiting one of the businesses just north of the bridge, you may have had the uncomfortable feeling of being trapped in that small piece of land between the closed lift bridge and the train tracks.  It can feel a bit claustrophobic.

So when is the lift bridge going to open?  It was supposed to open in November of 2020, but has been delayed.  Wham 13 says we are looking at April 2021 to open.  

It will feel good when the bridge is open, the Covid threat is over, and the music festival is in full swing.  It will feel like a special moment to pass through the village, over the bridge, and get stopped by a passing train.  Just like the good old days. 

Update 04/05/2021:  It looks like the new anticipated completion is for June!  

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